What is a physical fanlisting?

A physical fanlisting is a listing for a particular famous or fictional person that you think has a good physical quality. For instance, you might like a charcters physical physique, or maybe just their eyes. Well, if you went to, they wouldn't have a listing for that, that's what, the "Physical Fanlistings" is for.

What is this listing about?

This fanlisting is for Sha Gojyo's (entire) physical appearance! Sha Gojyo is the lecherous kappa from the hit animanga Saiyuki-Saiyuki Reload, & Saiyuki Remix, by Kazuya Minekura.

Sha Gojyo Information

Name: Sha Gojyo

Weight: 75 kg

Height: 184 cm

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Bright Red

Blood Type: B

Constellation: Scorpio

Species: Half-Human/Half-Youkai

Age: 22

Birthday: November 9

Favorites Things: Women, Liquor, Cigarettes, Gambling (cards), Mahjongg, Picking a fight with Goku and stealing his food

Weapon: Jakujou (a staff with a crescent-moon shaped blade attached at the end with chains)

God Profile: Kenren Taisho is an army general in Tenkai but is said to be much stronger than the average gods. He likes the flowers, women, and the liquor that makes him feel happy in Heaven. He doesn't quite care what the other Gods think of him, going as far as to purposely say and do things o displease them. He smokes as well,  like in his human/youkai form. His actions and attitude should have caused him to be expelled from the Army if it weren't for his relationship with Tenpo,  who is a wise tactician.

Human Profile: Gojyo comes from a taboo coupling between a human and a demon. These couplings are said to bring misfortune. The proof of his being half-youkai/half-human is his red hair and eyes, which all half breeds have. When he was a child he was taken care of by his demon stepmother and her son Jien, who is the stepbrother of Gojyo. Because he resembled her husband and Gojyo's human mother, she attacks him at times. That is, until one day it grew serious and Jien had to step in to protect his younger half brother. In doing so, he ended up killing her and ran away.

As Gojyo grew up, he gets through life by gambling and partaking in the women who flock to him. One day, he found an unconscious Gono (who changed into Hakkai) and helped nurse him back to health. They lived together until one day they were summoned to prevent Gyumaoh's revival with Goku and Sanzo.

Why I made this fanlisting?

Why? It's Gojyo, that's why! :P Gojyo is my favorite male character. I just love his physical appearance. His red hair and eyes, slick frame, rounded off with his distinct personality, is just irresistible! ^_^ I can truly count him as my favorite bishounen. Just look at him! ~_^ Explains the physical fanlisting. ^_^

Site Name Explanation

Pervy Kappa. It's just comes to mind when I think of Sha Gojyo. It's how I refer to his character, so it was just a perfect fit. ^_^